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We are Clan Snow Raven,


Witnesses to what has passed and an omen of what is to come.

We have seen the greed and dishonor of all men, the evil which was forced on mankind before the Exodus – the evil inflicted by the unbelievers since that time.

It was they who perverted our Great Father’s Dream.

For this reason, Nicholas Kerensky scattered the eight hundred amongst the stars, so that they could find their own way.


Was it not Ilkan Stephan Mckenna that chose to lead us through the tribulation and desolation wrought by the Second Exodus?

Were we not hardened and resolved by the guidance of his hand during the years we wandered the stars?

Was it not the stark, harsh realities of Hellgate that tempered our very being?

Was it not Sukhanov that purged us of the Nameless One for his deceit?

In that time, we purged ourselves of the wickedness of weak men.There have been those who would aspire to take what is rightfully ours,

Who would seek to extinguish our way of life and enslave us. With cunning and guile, we will lead them to their own destruction.

Have not our Technicians and Craftsmen given to us our Wings and to our Warriors their talons?


We are neither Crusader nor Warden, neither Predator nor Scavenger, neither Friend nor Foe. We will leave nothing and no one behind. We are enlightened,

Our home is the canopy of stars and the space above our wings. Though seldom seen, we will always be watchful.

Terra is but a distant memory, a lost and ravaged hope. So let Clan Snow Raven seek its fortune and future beyond the folly of mankind.

Let us separate ourselves so that we can fulfil the Great Father’s Dream amid the stars.


So was it written by our father’s fathers, so shall it be done.