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Personal Behavior & Conflicts Resolution:
A) Conflicts with other members in the team can, and will occur. The following guidelines have been laid out to address any such issues that arise. 
B) If you have a problem with a fellow member, you will report it to your division CO/XO immediately. While we do have a mediation system in place, we encourage members to try to solve personal differences privately, before attempting a more escalated solution. 
C) We believe that a member should, for the most part, be able to deal with these types of situations themselves. However, please report that you are having trouble with another member so the situation can be monitored, and mediated, if necessary. 
D) If your CO/XO feels he is unable to make an unbiased decision or unable to handle the problem himself, the problem will go up the chain of command. 
E) If your issue is with your commander you will address the issue to the appropriate Senior Command member, who will follow much the same procedure as your CO/XO. 
F) This team does not discriminate except for poor attitudes.   
G) Disrupting the balance of the team will not be tolerated. 
I) From time to time, our server will be open for public use. If you are on the server, you must report incidents of cheating, unfair tactics (exploiting), and abusive players to Command as soon as possible. 
J) Rough language is allowed to an extent on the server, but personal attacks, threats, and attempted hacking will not be tolerated. 
K) During matches and scrimmages, you MAY NOT talk to the other team. The team leaders will speak for the team and the decisions made during the match will be final. 
L) Members are required to participate in MWO, NBT, in our forums and TeamSpeak.
M) Members are required to always set an example of honor, positive attitude, and conduct in front of guests, sibkos, and cadets.
N) Members are required to check our forums a minimum of three times a week and respond to a private messages (PMs) when received.
O) Members are required to report in for scheduled training.
P) Members are required to post a Leave of Absence thread in the forum for absences longer than seven days.

Banned Conduct:
We do not condone any of these actions and anyone ignoring these rules runs the risk of immediate removal from the team. The Keshik reserved the right to add to this list at any time any behavior or conduct they deem warranted.
- Accusing the Other Team of Cheating. (this is a team decision not yours) Publicly accusing a person of cheating via the forums, on TeamSpeak, or any other forum. Should you feel that someone is cheating, you must have proof. CLAN Snow Raven will not tolerate any public accusations of cheating.
-Disruption of TeamSpeak or Game Play: no explanation needed.
-Intentional Shooting Friendly Players/Team Killing: This is extremely easy to determine. The act of intentionally shooting and/or killing a member of your own team. Take a screenshot and report them after the game
-Troll/Trolling: A person who "sows discord" on the Internet or in game by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.
- Taunting of any Gamers or Unsportman like Conduct- no explanation needed.
- Racial or Sexual Slurs, Cursing & Offensive Remarks: Remarks of an offensive nature will not be tolerated. Do not curse in a manner that is directed at any individual or causes any offense.
Exploiting: An exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, or speed, etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the MWO.
Whining & Pouting: To complain or protest in a childish or annoying fashion. Keep in mind that this is only a game, and nothing more. This isn't real life, and the only thing that's hurt is your pride. Keep your chin up, and come back next game and do better. There's no need to complain. Be as mature as possible.
Attitudes & Egos: Acting as if everything is only in relation to oneself; self-centered; selfish. These simply will not be tolerated. We are all here to have fun, and people with attitudes and/or egos do not have a place in Clan Snow Raven.
Spying: The act of secretly collecting information about Clan Snow Raven and sharing with another Unit.
MechWarrior Online Code of Conduct: The Clan Snow Raven Code of Conduct is an addendum of the MWO Code of Conduct, and in no case supersedes it. Players found to violate the MWO Code of Conduct may be held liable by both Piranha Games Inc. and Clan Snow Raven.

Disciplinary Policy:
All disciplinary response, decisions or action are the sole responsibility of the Keshik. Any decision will be determined by the Keshik in a closed or private meeting. The results will be reported only to the individuals directly involved within the disciplinary action or incident. (This is a private matter).
This clan uses a 24 hour cooling off period.  No significant action will be taken for 24 hours after the initial infraction (except in extreme cases). 
Additionally, to avoid misunderstandings and allow for rethinking of a members actions, we do not accept any resignations on the spot.  Any statement made that indicates you are quitting the team will not be considered permanent for 24 hours after the statement is made and must be place in a written form. This allows for all members to cool down and reconsider their actions.

Practice and Attendance Policy Regarding Competition:
A) Members that miss 3 matches in a row will be put on Probation, unless there are special circumstances (hospital, jail, death, family conflicts, work, etc.).
B) If within 4 weeks, you do not show signs of better attendance and commitment, you will be removed from team competition.
C) If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, you should notify your Division Commander, so that we won't drop you from the roster.
D) The rules in the practice section are general guidelines, please check with your division commander for the exact details.
Protocol is a moderation tool employed by members during meetings on Teamspeak. Often you will hear this command during matches when it is necessary to facilitate effective communication.
The protocol guidelines are simple:
1. When a leaders or drop commander announces or calls out “PROTOCOL”, no one may speak unless addressed.
2. If in game you stop moving, you stop shooting and you most definitely stop talking.
3. If we are holding a meeting on TeamSpeak and you have an issue that needs immediate attention you will post a single question mark in chat (?). This is the equivalent of raising your hand in class, you will be acknowledged when appropriate.
5. Once the speaker is finished he will call upon the next person wishing to speak. Please complete your comments by stating you are finished and calling on the next person.

TeamSpeak and Forums:
A)    The use of Clan Snow Raven’s TeamSpeak and Forums are a privilege.
B)     Any inappropriate, vulgar, sexual, or suggestive in nature avatar images will be requested to be changed or deleted.
C)     Being "belligerent" on TeamSpeak or the Forums (regardless of the reason) are grounds for being asked to leave or being removed from TeamSpeak or post deleted on the Forums.
D)    On TeamSpeak: The use of Sound Boards is discouraged. Inappropriate use of soundboards will be grounds for being asked to leave or being removed from TeamSpeak.
E)     On TeamSpeak: read the "Description" of the room before you join it; it may have situation circumstances.
F)     TeamSpeak rooms and Forums are designated for a specific purposes; ask permission before joining, acquiring personnel, or posting if you are not assigned or unsure.


by "The Corvus Keshik"