Virtual Reality Games

Pilot Test Projects For a Real Virtual Reality Parallel World

In the future virtual reality may be so close to actual life that one will not be able to tell the difference once immersed in the VR world of their choosing. So, before we introduce such a system to the human populations, shouldn’t we test this Black Swan change before we start selling or offering it to the public as a Living Room VR Video Game type system?

After all, how can we know how humans will react to all of this? Think of it this way, those who partake in the virtual reality system, will be living in a dream like state, only much more real. And we know that dreams do affect human psychology. So, can we guesstimate how things might play out in such a future?

Well, I would also say that someone immersed in both the current online world and current actual communities could very much guess with a good degree of accuracy what would happen, what the participants would desire and what the humans involved would desire.

Also if one steps back from the current online, or actual world, they might be able to predict how much conflict, sound and fury, chaos and controversy or conjured up adversity and competition would need to be in place to provide them with adequate levels of challenge.

This is needed to insure that their biosystem works adequately with the right amount of chemicals running through their bodies and then rest time to contemplate, reflect, and learn. Thus, developing wisdom to go along with the knowledge gained and allow them to put it into to practice. Because that appears to be what humans are good at, that AI isn’t quite good at yet.

From there we could design even better AI thinking machines that could simulate even better companions, thus making the VR system even better, more accepted and desired over the real world. Speaking of which, I have some thoughts on that too, along with some inherent dilemmas that this could in fact create, which might also need to be solved in advance of setting up the system. Think on this.

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